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Priscilla Marquez

"I want to be a Nurse , this program helped me see a glimpse of what I might see in the hospital. I learned many things and it was so much fun, I learned the right way to do CPR , knowing how to read a EKG , and learn how to give injections. Overall I had a good time and enjoyed all the healthcare workers that were able to come and talk to us about this jobs and showing us their skills!".

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Kimberly Acosta

"I want to be a Surgeon and this camp helped me understand more in definition of what it was to go into any healthcare profession. It really helped me more to get out of my comfort zone by preforming hands on activities. This camp will forever be a part of my future career and myself".

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Francisco Castañeda

"I want to be a general surgeon, I enjoyed this week's classes and training. I learned how to apply all my skills and knowledge into a real life scenario and I was happy and grateful for the opportunity that was given to me. I look forward for the next opportunity at AHEC.

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Cathy Ortiz

"I want to become a Physical Therapist and this camps exposure of the healthcare field strengthened my wish to become a health professional. It also opened my eyes to different jobs in the medical field, allowing me to fully appreciate the importance of every worker in this vast field. This camp was so much fun and a great exposure to the healthcare field, loved it!"

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Dayanara Vargas

"I want to be a Physician and this camp has helped me understand why health care workers are so important. This camp has taught me many skills for my future career and i have gained so much knowledge through out this week. Participating in this camp has really changed my view on health care greatly and now I am very sure i want to go into the medial field".

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Barbara Cardoza

"I am still undecided what I truly want to be in the medical field and I this camp helped me become one step closer to the career I will dedicate my life to. I am interested in neurology, and cardiology, and I hope to obtain a job that deals with these paths. This camp helped enrich my skills by teaching me to administer a vaccine, learning CPR (a skill everyone should know), and introduced me to suturing, etc. It helped me understand basic hands on actions that are normal within a hospital setting. This camp grew my love for the medical field, and I recommend it to any aspiring health care workers".

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Jayleen Barrientos

"I want to become a gynecologist and this camp helped me better understand how much quick thinking has to be done in situation where medical help is needed and this camp also helped me get an inside look at the daily lives of other medical professions in all giving me a valuable experience with lots of knowledge that will have me a step ahead of others".

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Margarita Rodriguez

"I want to become a medical assistant and the camp helped me understand better how to act fast and help if there's an emergency also helped me how to do the first aid kit and CPR how you could save someone life".

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Kimberly Garcia

"I want to be RN working on the emergency rooms at a hospital. This camp taught me to work with whatever it’s in front of me and as a team. I learned to fall in love with my career more than ever".

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Fernanda Gonzalez

"I I want to be an orthopedic surgeon! I learned more than I expected in this camp, I’m glad I was able to learn a little of stitching & made me want to get a kit so I can practice more on myself!"

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Grettel Gonzales

"I would like to become a surgeon, in this camp I got to acknowledge that there are many more things I need to learn along the way but I am willing to keep learning as I keep getting more curious and interested in the medical field. I’m glad I got to start on the basics and am beyond grateful for everyone who has volunteered to help us learn and educate us based on the healthcare field. I was taught how to do cpr, suture, vaccinate, how to respond to emergencies and much more, for which I was very stoked to be learning and getting hands on experience about it. I would definitely want to share this program and experience to anyone who is interested in healthcare".

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