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Community Health Worker

DSHS CARB Project: Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria


Contract Work

Qualifications: Community Health Worker License Active; Bilingual

The South Texas AHEC is committed to improving the health status and quality of life for residents of South Texas.  The educational and training activities established through partnerships with local stakeholders and organizations, focus on increasing healthcare workforce diversity, distribution, and healthcare practice transformation among the 35 counties of South Texas. 


The Southwest Border AHEC recognizes the need of expanding the healthcare workforce and maximizing diversity in rural and underserved communities. Southwest Border AHEC facilitates service-learning programs for students, healthcare professionals and community populations.  The service-learning programs aim to create an awareness of the economic and cultural barriers in healthcare delivery and provide an understanding of the complex needs of rural and underserved communities (National AHEC Organization).


The PEAAKS Program mission is to increase awareness and knowledge in healthcare professions and public health amongst secondary and college level students. The PEAAKS program provides students with opportunities to participate in different educational and training activities that enable them to increase their confidence to make informed career choices. 


The PEAAKS Advisor implements programming that builds capacity and increases practical life skills and professional growth amongst secondary and college level students. The PEAAKS Advisor role is to strengthen the youth’s confidence by reducing barriers (root causes) and identifying opportunities/actions that increase knowledge of practical life skills and professional growth. The PEAAKS Advisor is an enthusiastic individual who encourages students to explore professions within healthcare. 


The following is required to successfully achieve the role of the PEAAKS Advisor:


1.  The HCPS is passionate, patient, and acquires strong interpersonal skills. 

2.  Experience working with youth is preferred.

3. Must adhere by UT Health Science Center and Southwest Border AHEC policies and procedures found in the policies and procedures manual


Job Duty: Coordination of PEAAKS Program

Percentage of time: 80

  • Recruit, train, and instruct 30 students per year at your assigned campus

  • Conduct & coordinate biweekly sessions

  • Conduct a yearly health career camp or public health camp

  • Provide at least 4 volunteer opportunities for students

  • Meet with students individually on monthly basis

  • Keep records, attendance any other related information regarding PEAAKS updated

  • Submit reporting or related information (newsletter, photos for social media, etc.) to Program Coordinator in a timely manner

  • Assist with any other PEAAKS program related duties


Job Duty: AHEC Program Office Support

Percentage of time: 20

  • Assist Program Coordinator and Community Health Worker

  • Assist with any other AHEC related activities as assigned


Any activity conducted should be approved by AHEC Director before execution. 


Additional requirements:

  • Reliable vehicle

  • Must obtain personal liability insurance

  • Driver’s License or Texas ID

  • Flexible hours 



Commensurate with experience.


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